Soar High On The Best Dune Buggy For Kids

A dune buggy is a recreational motor vehicle equipped with big wheels and extra wide tires to enable this to be used on sand either in the desert or the beach. That this vehicle is used over sand dunes is the main reason why it is built higher off the ground and built with steel roll cages to protect the riders when the vehicle rolls over. It is to be differentiated from a go-kart in that though this is used for recreational purposes as well, the latter is used on flat terrain, thus it is built small and has a low center of gravity.

Dune Buggy For Kids

With the start of electronic dune buggies, the once kid evasive dune buggies have now been within reach even by toddlers. For starters, they have built these machines to run not only on sand but have transformed it into ATV vehicles as well. And the previous tall buggies' height were lowered so that instances of roll-overs would be averted for added safety. So now, even small kids can experience the “freedom” that their older siblings enjoy.

Top 5 Best Dune Buggy For Kids In 2017 Martket

  1. TrailMaster XRS – 200cc by Trailmaster. (Best Choice for >8 years old)
  2. ​Razor Dune Buggy by Razor. (Great Choice for 3-8 years old)
  3. Trailmaster 163CC XRX Mini Gokart by Trailmaster.
  4. Monster Moto MM-K80R 79.5cc (Realtree Design) by Monster Moto.
  5. Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go Kart (KD-150GKA-2) by Kandi.

Why is a Dune Buggy Popular With Kids?

Kids love adventure. And what better activity could bring such happiness to a child than having the freedom to ride his dune buggy through sandy shores and beaches?

There is no one concrete reason why dune buggies are famous with kids. Maybe, it is its ability to run through sand, unlike the other bigger vehicles. Or maybe it is the freedom that kids feel having to drive their own one-of-a-kind skeletal but powerful vehicle that can they can turn whichever way they can. Whatever the reason is, kids do love the dune buggy (and so do adults, too).

The good thing about kids dune buggies nowadays is that children as young as three years old can safely ride a dune buggy. Thanks to the research that manufacturers have made such that nowadays, there are available electrically dune buggies that are available for kids. A few years back, one can hardly find a dune buggy safe enough to be ridden by a five-year-old as most are gasoline fed. Now, there are dune buggies that can address almost any child's dream.

And so goes the hunt for the best dune buggy for kids. We have selected the five most popular due buggies for kids, identified their most prominent features as well as their lookouts. We understand that at this point, the decision on what to get for your child rests on your shoulders but we hope this review could give you a balanced view of why kids choose one over another.

TrailMaster XRS – 200cc

This mid-sized dune buggy is run by a 6.5 hp, 4-stroke single cylinder engine. It has a manual pull-start 12- volt battery. Although it can run up to a maximum speed of 31 mph, this dune buggy assures parents of their child's safety when this is operated: a speed limiter, a kill switch, a sturdy roll cage that protects children on tip offs and instant brakes.

This vehicle is fully automatic so that there is no need to shift gears; it has great shocks, and comfortable bench seats.


  • Very sturdily built and requires very minimal maintenance.
  • Ground clearance of 2.8” equates to low center of gravity averting tip- offs.


  • Non-adjustable seats: pedal to back seat distance measures between 31.5” to 34.5”.
  • The vehicle is gasoline powered, so this is advisable for use only by kids aged 8 and up.
  • Vehicles are shipped in metal crate so chips and dents cannot be avoided: this is not included in the warranty, though.

Razor Dune Buggy

This dune buggy is run by a powerful 350-watt electric motor. With 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires and a thumb trigger acceleration control, it can go at maximum speeds of 10 mph. It has padded bucket seats and terrain following suspension for added comfort during bumpy rides and a seat belt and shoulder strap for safety.

It is also equipped with hand throttle and hand operated rear disk brakes for easy control. Safe for use by kids five years and above and has a maximum driver capacity of 120 lbs.


  • Since this buggy is electronically-run, this is safe for small kids.
  • Equipped with seat belts, shoulder strap and padded bucket seats for a safe and smooth ride even through uneven terrain.
  • Disk brakes are hand operated which makes for easier control.


  • The vehicle gets a little bit slower when the driver is near the 120 lbs. maximum limit. Average built kids aged 5 to 9 are recommended users for this buggy.

Trailmaster 163CC XRX Mini Gokart

This Mini Go-kart by Trailmaster is the deluxe version of the XRS Mini Go-kart. It is run by a 163 cc 5.5 Hp Honda clone engine. The go-kart has a remote electric start/ stop. It has a speed controller that can lower the speed up to 4 mph and a 5-point safety harness for added safety. It has padded sports seats and full suspension for a more comfortable ride. It is equipped with LED headlights and a horn.


  • The vehicle has been constructed such that the riders' safety is always on top of mind: remote controlled start and stop, speed controller and 5-point harness safety.
  • To address the concern on discomfort brought about by running on uneven terrain, a full suspension and padded sports seats were added to the vehicle.
  • Headlights are LED which provides a brighter light which is useful especially when windy and visibility while driving is a bit hard.
  • Ground clearance is only 3.5” so that center of gravity is low averting possible tip-offs.


  • Caution: Always use fresh oil when setting up the vehicle as non-compliance will void any warranties that the manufacturer may have given.

Monster Moto MM-K80R 79.5cc (Realtree Design)

This off-road power kart has been built with the safety of your kids in mind. Colors were used to help children in their first lessons in driving so that the gas pedal is colored green and the brake, red. It has a low center of gravity which makes it safe even when doing sharp turns.

The buggy has an adjustable bucket seat and seat and hydraulic brakes. The powerful 79cc engine is complemented with a durable steel frame, protective roll-bar, and secure seat belt. Maximum speed at 18 mph. Supports driver weight of up to 130 lbs.


  • The buggy has been modified to address safety concerns of parents: low center of gravity, seat belts, bucket seats and brakes were provided for a safer ride. Even the pedals have been color coded to distinguish between gas and brake.
  • The durable steel frame ensures that child would be protected in case tip- overs happen.


  • The vehicle is gas-powered. Even an eight-year-old user should be supervised when operating the vehicle.
  • There is no suspension so that ride will be a bit uncomfortable on bumpy terrain.

Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go Kart (KD-150GKA-2)

The Kandi 150GK will fulfill every go-kart rider's wishes and more. With full suspension and a heavy gauge steel frame, this cart can go as fast as 36 mph. The kart is run by a 150cc single engine that can deliver up to 10.5 hp. It starts on electric ignition, has adjustable seats, has front and rear brakes, a conveniently located floor stick shift for forward, neutral and reverse and a fully automatic transmission.

The vehicle also has a dual 4-point harness, padded guard bars and steering wheel, lights (head, tail, fog and turn signal), horn, a side view mirror and a safety net at the back of the driver to protect him from flying debris.


  • The buggy is equipped with safety features that will address the power gained from the 150cc single engine.
  • The buggy's center of gravity is low, so there is less probability of tip-offs.
  • It also has a speed controller so that new kid riders may be prevented from running it in its full 36 mph.
  • The seats are adjustable.


  • The buggy is gas-powered, so it is not very safe for use by kids most especially if unsupervised.

What Dune Buggy Then is the Best for Kids?

Safety and caution should always be on top of mind when parents choose a dune buggy for their child. Yes, the dune buggy is a bit of a tough toy for a child, but this doesn't necessarily mean that safety should be set aside just for the sake of play and enjoyment.

Thus, with the features of each of the dune buggies highlighted, we have chosen the following to be the best for kids.

For children three years and older, the Razor Dune Buggy by Razor would be the best because of the following reasons:

  • ​It is electric powered and therefore is considered safe for small children.
  • The maximum speed of 10 mph is a decent speed for kids so that the probability of accidents/collision is very minimal.
  • It provides features that take into consideration the comfort of the kids just starting to learn rough riding: seat belt, shoulder straps, padded bucket seats.

For kids eight yeas and older, the Trailmaster XRS 200cc will be the best dune buggy as it gives the power and excitement almost like that of its adult counterpart while making sure that kids stay within the limits of safety. There is no doubt that gas-powered dune buggies are the best when it comes to performance but it requires a certain level of responsibility on the part of the rider to make sure that he does not expose himself to extreme danger at the expense of fun.