The Best Educational Toys For Your Children In 2018

Educational toys provide children the opportunity of learning while having fun. These toys make a big difference in kids’ development whether they teach them new colors, counting numbers, or new words.

The best educational toys for your children enable them to develop a range of skill sets tapping into different areas of the brain. They should be fun to play with but be capable of teaching kids new skills. The following toys make it fun as you prepare your child to move ahead in their education.

Wii Game

Video games are great for children at any age. They might as well be suitable for parents. Wii games actively involve your kids in adventures or alphabet practice.They educate and entertain your kids at the same time.

You do not have to worry about your kid turning into a couch potato because it keeps them active and interested. Wii games provide the best video gaming system that gets you moving during your virtual gaming nights. Consider the following when getting a Wii game for your child.

Benefits of Wii Games

Wii games are beneficial to the development and learning of your child. It enables kids to improve the coordination of their eyes and hands and improve their learning among other benefits.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Wii games are very interactive in comparison to PlayStation and Xbox games. They enable the child to control a player physically with crossing movements. This improves their ability to solve problems and be more creative. In a Wii game of tennis, for instance, your child is capable of judging the amount of energy to hit the ball.

Improves Social Skills

Wii games come with a multi-player option that enables your kids, to interact with their friends as they play. This function enables your kids to have a conversation with their playmates.

They may also make new friends while playing online. Wii games provide a platform for your kids to meet friends that they share something in common.

Makes Kids Physically Active

As your kids play the Wii game, they are actively moving as they control the virtual players in the game. They use their mind and body to solve problems in the game. This improves their physical health as it introduces them to real-life sports in the game.

Age Recommended

Wii games are suitable for kids of all ages. However, there are specific games that target specific age groups.


Wii games are quite easy to use as most come with tutorials. There is a guide in every Wii game. These help your child to adapt to the gameplay quite easily.

Karaoke for Kid

A karaoke toy is a fun way to get your child to sing to their favorite tune. Every now and then, as adults you find yourself singing out loud to that catchy song. Karaoke machine provides endless hours of fun and entertainment for kids.

It is also quite fun to listen to kids singing on a karaoke machine. Karaoke machines are portable and incorporate crazy lights or themes for your kids as they learn their favorite song.

Benefits of Karaoke for Kids

Karaoke machines are a powerful learning tool for kids in addition to adding a fun element. Kids are not only capable of expressing their emotions on karaoke machines, but also let off that extra energy. Karaoke improves your child’s cognitive ability amid other benefits that aid their development.

Improves Reading Skills

Children often find learning to read very difficult, particularly making pronunciations. Different kids pick up reading quite differently. Karaoke provides an audio and visual for kids to learn to read as they listen and sing to their favorite song.

Kids are capable of recognizing words they hear on the karaoke screen. Karaoke machines make it easy and fun for kids to learn how to read by singing their favorite songs.

Improves Public Speaking Ability

Most children find it quite scary speaking in front of a large crowd. Karaoke makes kids comfortable as they sing in front of an audience. It does not matter if your child is the best singer or not, karaoke is a public activity that builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Age Recommended

Karaoke for kids is suitable for a range of age groups. There are karaoke machines for toddlers aged between 3-5 years, 6-8 years, and 9-12 year old. These machines are also suitable for teenagers.


When looking for a karaoke for kids, consider buying the one that is easy to use and does not require much setup. The machine should also function with batteries to enable your child carry it while you travel. Additionally, the karaoke should be capable of connecting to your TV and other smart devices like your smart phone.

Lego Train

Trains fascinate kids! They are popular among kids as they capture their imaginations. Lego Trains provide your kids with unlimited fun as they assemble the train sets together.

Kids find fulfillment watching what they build working, as the trains move along the tracks. With Lego Trains, your kid is capable of having endless hours of fun playing with train sets of different power capabilities.

Benefits of Lego Train

Playing with Lego has a wide range of benefits for kids. The Lego Train is an educational toy that helps your kid develop various skills as they play with them. Some of the benefits of getting a Lego Train include:

Improves Motor-Skills

Working with Lego Trains improves your kid’s fine motor skills. As kids assemble the train sets and tracks, they build the muscles in their hands. The hand muscles are important as they help the child when they learn writing. Lego Trains are a fun way for children to improve their fine motor skills.

Improves Problem Solving

Assembling a Lego Train is like solving a puzzle. Kids try to figure out which pieces go where as they try to perfectly fit their train set and track. They explore the limits of their imagination to come up with the right solution.

Improves Creativity and Imagination

Your child is capable of becoming creative while building Lego Trains. Regardless of using an instructional manual, assembling a Lego Train set nurtures your kid’s imagination.

Age Recommended

Lego Trains are suitable for kids learning how to write. Therefore, kids aged between 2 to 12 years should be comfortable using a Lego Train. I think that after 12 years their interest in toys diminishes as they focus more on teenage issues.

Train Table

Train tables are a great addition to the train set your child already has. Train tables are popular with kids as well as adults who are into collecting train tables. Train tables may come with or without a train set. They are suitable for children beginning to play with train sets. These toys are as complex as Lego Trains and toys and help in the learning process.

Benefits of Train Tables

Train Tables are very vital in the development of your child. Kids not only get to have fun while they play with these toys but also develop very useful skills. Some of the main benefits of having a Train Table include:

Improves the Child’s Imagination and Creativity

Creativity and imagination are vital parts of a child’s growth. Imagination helps kill the boredom in kids. You wonder how kids manage it at times, looking at them play. They are often in a world of their own.

With train tables, kids are capable of coming up with varying layouts and designs using their imagination that boost their creativity.

Develops Problem Solving Skills

As kids grow, it will be necessary for them to develop problem-solving skills. This makes them independent and functional in addition to helping them in school.
Working on a train table develops your child's problem-solving skills as they learn to build train tracks. They also learn how to organize trains for their efficient movement.

Improves Social Skills

In addition to improving the fine motor skills of your child, train tables help them improve their social skills. They interact with playmates as they try to solve problems such as assembling a train track. This interaction is vital as they build relationships with siblings and friends.

Age Recommended

Recommended for kids aged between 3 – 12 years.


When looking for a Train Table for kids, consider the following options:

  • The material used to make it should be sturdy enough to withstand any play punishment kids may put it through
  • Consider the size and design of the train table
  • The compatibility of the train table with common train sets for kids

Transformers Toys

The idea of a truck or car converting into a robot and back is an inspiration and source of fascination for kids.With the Transformers series on the big screen and in comics, these toys are very popular with kids and collectors alike. Transformers toys help kids improve their logical thinking, motor skills, and imagination.

Benefits of Transformers Toys

Transformers toys come with the functionality of enabling your child to convert them into a robot and back to a truck or car. The difficulty of "transforming" these toys varies with the type of Transformer toy you get.There are benefits your kid gets when playing with Transformer Toys.

Your kid develops new skills every time they play with these toys. They have to follow successive instructions and steps to convert these transformers. The complexity of “transforming” these toys helps them build problem-solving skills. They are also capable of following instructions.

Imagining they are Autobots fighting against Decepticons, helps improve the child’s creativity and imagination. They relive famous battles from Transformer comics and movies improving their overall imagination.

Additionally, their fine motor skills improve as they learn to convert these toys with their hands. It is also important that kids play with friends to make it more fun. Their social interaction skills improve greatly through this.

Age Recommended

Recommended for kids aged between 5 – 10 years. Transformers toys with increased complexity are suitable for kids aged 8 years and above.


When looking for a Transformer’s toy for your kids, consider the following attributes:

  • The material used in making the toy should be durable. Your child will be converting it countless times and it is necessary for it to withstand such punishment.
  • The material should also be non-toxic and of high quality.
  • The toy should come with accessories such as engaging weapons that will help improve your child’s imagination.
  • Consider the complexity of the toy and try to match it with your child’s age.

Kid Play Kitchen

Kids Play Kitchen is a great way for kids to fire up their chef imaginations. These toys provide kids with the opportunity of practicing in a kitchen of their own. They are one of the most popular indoor play toys for your kids. Your kids are capable of making their own plastic meatballs and spaghetti. Kids can now make their own five-course meal.

Benefits of Kid Play Kitchen

While kids have fun with Play Kitchen toys, they also learn a lot. Kid Play Kitchen improves your child’s creativity, imagination, and motor skills among other benefits.

Improves Teamwork

As kids play pretends in their kitchen, they take turns in preparing the different meals. They often imitate a restaurant kitchen and designate different roles to each other. There areis the chef, dishwasher, potato peeler, and the maître d. In this pretend kitchen, the roles are clear-cut as they work effectively to prepare the perfect meal.

Improves their Organization Skills

These kitchens help kids learn how to organize their kitchenware. It makes it easy for them to identify what they need when preparing their meals.

Improves their Counting Skills

As kids learn to prepare their favorite meal using a recipe, they learn how to weigh ingredients and count eggs. They develop mathematical skills with this toy.

Improves their Culinary Skills

An obvious benefit from kid play kitchen is learning how to cook. Kids learn how to mix different ingredients and identify food, shape, and color of kitchen utensils.

Age Recommended

Kids play kitchen are suitable for kids aged between 2-10 years.


When looking for a Kid Play Kitchen, consider a number of factors to get the right one for your kids. Some of these factors include.

  • Safety of the kitchen play set. It should not have sharp items that may be a danger to your child
  • The kitchen set should have the age limit clearly labeled
  • It should be sturdy and attractive

Sewing Machine

Sewing machines provide kids with a creative, fun, and easy way of learning. They are particularly useful if your kids are into sewing. Sewing machines improve your kids’ self-reliance as they learn or improve their skills and creativity.

Sewing machines will be dependent upon your kid’s current level of sewing. They may be novices, intermediates, or advanced. Regardless, these toys are quite useful in helping kids learn to express themselves through sewing.

Benefits of Sewing Machines

Sewing machines have one obvious benefit: It teaches kids how to sew. This is an important skill in life if they are to become self-reliant. In addition to becoming self-reliant, kids become more creative as they come up with their own sewing designs. Kids also develop a sense of accomplishment when they complete a sewing project. They develop self-confidence as sewing boosts them morale.

The nature of sewing also helps improve the hand-eye coordination of your child. They try to coordinate moving the fabric through the sewing needle with their hands as they carefully sew. Since sewing involves both hands and legs, they are capable of developing their gross and fine motor skills. This is particularly helpful when they start writing and taking part in other activities.

Age Recommended

Sewing is something kids can start when they are as young as 3 years old. There are sewing machines suitable for kids between 3 and 12 years. Kids older than 12 years can easily operate sewing machines that adults can use.


There are vital features that you need to consider when buying a sewing machine. Some of these features include:

  • Safety is one of the main features to look out for when buying a sewing machine. It should have finger and feet guards to protect your child.
  • The sewing machine should have a limited number of features that make it easy for your kids to use
  • The machine should be light enough for your child to carry
  • The design and price of the sewing machine
  • Your child’s sewing skills
  • The number of stitches that come with the sewing machine.


Not every toy provides learning opportunities to your child as they play. They should not be a burden to children as they play but provide a fun learning experience. The best educational toys should enable you, child, to develop their motor skills, and improve their creativity and imagination.

Furthermore, these toys should help your child develop the self-confidence and become self-reliant. Depending on the needs of your kids, you can go ahead and get them any of the above educational toys.