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Alright, basketball is a team effort. Even then, other factors that affect one's game. Most especially for a rookie, everything matters: as in everything. His first games with a “real” basketball could spell the difference between liking or disliking the sport. And it will boil down to the kind of basketball he starts to play.

But wait, aren't all basketballs the same? Just branded differently? Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are as many basketball types as there are needs and wants of the players. And to pinpoint which one suits you will be quite a task. So let us help you.

Choosing The Material For Your Indoor Basketball

When looking for an indoor basketball, you have two choices for material. You have the leather basketball, the type used in professional basketball all over the world. They have a pretty good feel but are priced quite high compared to the others. However, leather balls need a lot of breaking in before they are ready to use. It is recommended that the ball is broken in for 90 days, bouncing and passing relentlessly, so that the leather becomes soft and is ready for play. This step is a necessary evil for your leather ball if you want to have good control of your ball while at play.​

Another type of basketball is the composite.The composite basketball is sturdier than the leather one as this is made up of cut pieces of leather that are laminated and acts as the cover for the ball. This type of basketball may be used either for indoor or outdoor play and does not need breaking in. This also lasts longer than the leather basketball.

Basketball Size For The Youth

The recommended basketball size for kids aged 9-11 old is a size 5 (27.5 in. in circumference), and the ball weight should be about 17.0 oz. For regulation play, the official size for boys 12-14 and girls aged 12 and up is a size 6 (28.5 inches in diameter) and weights 20 oz.

Unfortunately, the above is rarely practiced as most of the youth just make do with what basketball is available. The downside with using the wrong size of the ball is that the children develop bad shooting habits (in the form of incorrect techniques) to make up for the handicap using the bigger ball which is heavier than what they should normally handle.

Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite

This basketball is made of composite leather. The weight is 25% less than the standard youth basketball. Comes in brown or multi-color. Maybe used for indoor or outdoor play.


  • It being made of composite leather eliminates the breaking-in time that usually is required of leather basketballs.
  • The light weight of the ball allows the kids to shoot and manage rebounds so that the child's confidence in the game is built. The ball's manageability also enables the child to focus on learning sound fundamental basketball skills.
  • The multi-colored type is suberb as the ball can easily be seen when it runs out of bounds.


  • The fact that its weight is 25% lesser than other balls its size might be a disadvantage as the child might have a hard time adjusting when he plays the official balls which are definitely a notch heavier than this ball.

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

This size 5 (27 to 27.5” diameter) basketball has the soft feel owing to the soft core technology used which uses a thin sponge and butyl rubber. It has a 3-ply nylon thread winding, an airtight butyl rubber valve, and a thermal-molded rubber bladder.


  • The cushion core technology used in this basketball gives it the soft feel which goes well with the players.
  • The ball's high definition pebble surface improves grip and feel: no more slipping and you can bounce the ball where you need it to go.
  • The ball's grip doesn't deteriorate over time so that you can maintain control of the ball even with continuous use.
  • The air-tight rubber valve ensures that the ball holds air well so that you can continuously play without airing the ball every so often.


  • Some say that the ball is priced a bit on the high side but retract on it because of the good performance that they get.

Franklin Sports Junior 

This ball is made for use by children with small hands and is used for skill building. This basketball has a Grip-rite rubber cover which makes it easy to hold, pass and bounce. The ball's polyester winding ensures that the ball remains in excellent shape. It is tri-color (red, white and blue) which enables it to be seen even when thrown out of bounds.


  • The grip-rite cover ensures excellent grip on the ball.
  • The lateral pro-width channels provide easier shot control.
  • The long lasting air retention bladder allows continuous play without re-airing.


  • The ball meets specifications of size but does not have the feel of a premium ball: size 27.5” circumference, 19.2 oz.
  • The ball's outer surface wears out much faster compared to others.

Molten BGM Basketball

This junior-size basketball is FIBA approved, has a synthetic cover and a butyl bladder. The ball may be used indoors or outdoors. The ball is shipped deflated.


  • This basketball has a good grip.
  • Users of the ball initially say it looks plasticky, but they immediately recant this owing to the good performance of the ball.
  • The yellow band has the advantage of showing the users how the ball spins when thrown from a distance.


  • Some users argue that the ball is smaller than the official size. There is an intermediate size especially on the size 7, so that attention to detail must be exercised, so the correct size is what is delivered.

Spalding NBA Indoor/Outdoor Replica Game Ball

This intermediate size basketball (a size 6 with 28.5” circumference) is made of premium composite cover. The ball is ideal for use by females 9 years and above and by males 9-12 years. This ball may be played indoors as well as outdoors.


  • The composite leather makes for a soft feel which is a good advantage when playing.
  • The ball has a firm grip which eliminates slips when passing


  • This ball is supposed to be for use both indoors and outdoors. However, the ball wears and scuffs easily on concrete outdoor, so the grip is not as good. This ball might as well be used only for indoors.

What Basketball Then Lands as the Top Indoor Basketball?

Based on the previous reviews and on the individual features of each of the five best indoor basketballs, the Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball has the upper hand owing to the technology that has been put into the ball to make it a premier indoor basketball. Grip and feel are two most crucial factors that influence a player's ball handling. Although admittedly, Wilson has been there for quite a while, it has never been relentless in addressing their customers' wants.

Coming in close second is the Molten BGM Basketball (Indoor/Outdoor). The fact that it is FIBA approved attests to its adherence to the strict standards set by the association. The Molten BGM is made for intense play, providing not only the good vibes brought about by the firm grip and soft feel of the ball indoors but also managing to overcome the rough tumble the ball gets on outside court.


Although it doesn't follow that expensive is best, when it comes to basketballs, quality has its price. The Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball has invested in technology that would make the ball have a good grip and a soft touch, which is not both present in other basketballs. Some basketballs focus on the ball's ability to keep dry, and even some, like the Molten BGM Basketball, make theirs work indoors as well as outdoors. What Molten has done, of course, would warrant that the build of the ball be as sturdy as possible to withstand the rough environment the ball is exposed to outdoors.

Our objective here is to have the children start their liking for the sport. And knowing kids, they look up to the heroes where they show interest in playing. So for as long as they get the feel of how their heroes would have played by using the balls that their heroes play, we definitely would have a significant following for the balls that we have featured here.

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