Top 5 Best Power Wheels For Kids In 2017 Market

Kids outgrow their toys. Or do they? When does a child stop being a kid? What makes a child interested in toys even as they grow up?

As soon as a child learns how to move himself independently, the learning process becomes a series of steps that the kid masters. The process runs so fast that you cannot distinguish anymore when one action starts and when it ends. Before you know it, he doesn't want to go biking, and his dirt bike is stuck in some obscure corner of the garage. Now he wants one thing: a car just like his daddy's.

Benefits Derived by Your Kids From Driving Power Wheels

It is not just a matter of your toddler mimicking what his father does when he drives. You will be surprised at how fast your child will be able to maneuver his toy in all directions, control his speed and know when to stop and to move forward. He will also learn how to adjust within a given space putting into consideration that he has a vehicle he has to pass through with.

Because of these actions, your child will slowly gain confidence in himself, being able to do things like daddy. And as your child relaxes to his new found activity, your child will be able to do imaginative play, even pretending to be like dad doing the groceries and bringing the kids to school. You can just imagine the fun and excitement your child will experience with the different play possibilities that will be open to him. Along the way, he will be able to see the value of safety, learn to obey rules and authority and be responsible for his actions.

Top 5 Best Power Wheels In 2017 Market​

  1. ​Best Choice: Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX by Fisher Price
  2. Power Wheels Lil Quad by Fisher Price (Great Choice for under 3 years old)
  3. Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler by Fisher Price
  4. Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels Remote Control Car Ride On with Radio & MP3 by Best Choice Products
  5. Mercedes Benz S63 Ride On Car 12V Kids Electric Power Wheels with RC /Remote Control Radio & MP3 (Black) by Big Toys Direct

Selecting the Power Wheels for Your Child

Based on your kid's play habits, you will be able to gauge already what type of power wheel your child would be most interested in playing. If the role model he sees would be the office going dad, he may prefer to have a power wheeled car. If, however, he sees a fun, outgoing guy, always ready to explore nature, then an all-terrain-vehicle is his best bet for a power wheel. We have summarized the features of 5 of the best power wheels for kids in the market. Hopefully, this will help you decide on choosing the right power wheels for your child.

Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Your child will enjoy real ATV riding with this 2-speed quad from Fisher price. Equipped with big plastic wheels and a twist grip throttle that enables the toy to up its speed from 2.5 to 5 mph (with a reverse at 2.5 mph), your kid can run through ruts, wet grass, gravel and more. For beginners, this toy features a has a high-speed lock-out for added safety and power lock brakes. The wheels run on a 12-volt battery and are equipped with a charger.


  • The ride provides your child with rich play while addressing safety concerns.
  • It gives your kid the sense of independence and accomplishment, raises self-confidence as he maneuvers the vehicle on his own doing forward, reverses and turns.
  • Physical motion develops the child's motor skills and body awareness. It also encourages imaginative play as he traverses rough terrain akin to mountains.


  • As the wheels are plastic, they don't work well in mud.
  • Some assembly is required and the tools needed are not included in the package

Power Wheels Lil Quad

This ATV-styled vehicle is intended for toddlers to age three. Its sturdy build enables the toddlers to hop on and off without much effort. With built-in footrests, you child can concentrate on having the vehicle go forward or make it stop by just pressing a button on the handlebars.

Maximum speed is 2 mph. Maximum passenger weight is 40 lbs. Built with tough tires and a sturdy base and equipped with a cargo rack, your child will enjoy the rough ride ATVs go through without worry of tipping. The ATV runs on a 6-volt battery (charger included).


  • The maximum speed of 2 mph is a good enough speed for a child just starting to ride on an electronically run vehicle.
  • With a little re-engineering, the battery can be changed to 12 volts so that bigger kids may be able to use these wheels over 5mph for as long as weight limit is managed at 130 lbs.


  • Does not have anything to hold the child on the vehicle so that a helmet is suggested to be worn.

Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

This power wheel is patterned after the Wrangler Jeep. It comfortably sits two (driver and a passenger). Total load capacity is 130 lbs. The jeep runs on a 12- volt battery (charger included), has doors that open and close, and has a “radio” that plays excerpts from the musical “Frozen”.

It has a rear storage area where the kids can put in their stuff. This model is made of metal, but the manufacturer made sure that there are not sharp edges where the children could get injured. The vehicle has two speeds, 2.5 and 5mph but it is equipped with a lock to ensure new drivers do not crash at fast speeds. It also has a reverse gear.


  • The vehicle's brake system automatically stops it as soon as the child lifts her foot from the pedal.
  • Equipped with two speeds so that first-time users can cautiously drive the vehicle at 2.5 mph and do reverse at the same rate.
  • The added features (radio, storage area, passenger seat, color, and stickers) make for an enjoyable ride that makes the new rider comfortable enough to forget the jitters of first-time driving.


  • Back tires were a bit slick so the vehicle cannot go forward on slippery, muddy areas. Some buyers had to make adjustments on the back wheels so that it can go through rougher terrain.
  • Songs played would have been better if these were recorded in full although kids don't mind.
  • In the slow mode (2.5 mph) the vehicle might not be able to handle lips from grass to walkway unless you shift to 5mph.
  • Since there is no suspension, child feels all the bumps and humps, so some parents had to make do with adding pillows on the seats.

Kids 12V Electric Power Wheels Remote Control Car Ride On with Radio & MP3 (Pink)

This electric car runs on two 12V batteries and has two speeds: slow and fast (Max 2 mph). May be operated by the toddler manually using the steering wheel and foot pedals or through a parent controlled remote. The car has working headlights, horn, and an FM Radio. It also has an auxiliary jack and cord for its MP3 with built-in speakers.


  • The car may be operated remotely if child either can't reach for pedals and steering wheel or does not know yet how to operate these. Still gives the child the confidence of being able to ride the car alone.
  • A seat belt is provided just in case the fast speed is erroneously clicked. The seat belt is also useful in that kids who will be using this car may have just started to walk and may try to get out of the car unsupervised.


  • The car does not do well on turns when using the remote.
  • There is a sudden jolt on the car when the speed is changed to fast, so that child's head thrusts forward.
  • Metal parts of the car show dents and bumps even on new sets.
  • It would have been better if the button to select manual or remote is done via remote and not by turning the switch on/off on the car .

Mercedes Benz S63 Ride On Car 12V Kids Electric Power Wheels

The scaled down version of the Mercedes S63 has very detailed features that you would find only in the high-end priced kid's power wheels. Run by a 12-volt battery; the car has the option to be operated by the child using the steering wheel or by the parent using a remote. It can be started using a push button and has a start-up sound and horns. It has a lighted instrument panel, LED front and rear lights, and back-up lights when the car goes in reverse.

The steering can be operated by the remote in all four directions up to a radius of 80 feet. It has an adjustable seat belt and may be driven comfortably by children aged between 2 and 4. Maximum weight limit for the car is 66 pounds. For added enjoyment by the rider, it has an FM radio, an MP3 media player with USB and SD card. The tires are made of foam rubber/EVA, and the car has 4-wheel suspension. The car runs on 3 speeds: 2, 3 or 4 mph.


  • Car can be run by a toddler using the steering wheel; however, should the toddler be not familiar yet with the wheel, he can still ride the car which can be operated remotely by an adult.
  • The car was built to mimic a true adult car, thus the child will be able to hone his motor skills, enhance his multi-tasking skills, learn about safety, rules and regulations, and responsibility.


  • Seat belt would not be as tight for less than average kids: should fit an average 2-year old child.

Who Gets the Upper Hand Now When It Comes to Power Wheels for Kids?

I hope the foregoing discussion has given you an idea of what you would want to give emphasis on when choosing what is the best set of power wheels for your child.

After a thorough study of the features of 5 of the best power wheels though, we believe that for a toddler just starting to learn to operate electronically run power wheels, the Li'l Quad by Fisher Price would be the best wheels. The size of the vehicle is just right for a toddler. The fact that it is equipped only with a stop and go button and that the toddler's feet are squarely rested in the footrests makes for a comfortable and enjoyable ride for the child. Confidence will be built as he is able to control the vehicle by himself.

For slightly bigger children (ages 3 and up), the Power Wheels Hot Wheels Kawasaki KFX would be the best power wheels. Remember that the motivation for identifying the best power wheels for kids is that this will be a step for the child to learn coordinated moves in preparation for operating the adult counterparts of these vehicles in the future. Thus, improving confidence should be foremost consideration when choosing the wheels.

With the Kawasaki, the size of the vehicle is just right for a three-year-old who has mastered arm and leg coordination, to operate the vehicle by himself and enjoying the ride at the same time. With the additional skills that he has developed, he will be able to focus now on being a better and more responsible rider on the road in the future.

So, which wheel do you think will address your child's need to boost her confidence and skills in driving?

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