How To Choose The Best Ring Sling – Buying Guide

Ring slings provide an easy carrier for mothers to carry their babies with. The ring sling enables the mother to keep close attention to her baby while she tends to her daily chores. It is so versatile in that it not only acts as a cradle carrier: the sling also allows the mother to carry her baby with not much effort as when she does a stomach to stomach carry or a hip carry. Some experienced mothers (or even fathers for that matter) use the ring sling to carry their bigger babies on their backs.

Best Ring Sling

Best Ring Sling

A typical ring sling set is made up of 3 pieces: a cloth wide, long and tough enough to secure the baby into the cloth cradle and 2 pieces of rings (either made of plastic or steel) to lock the sling in place. However, with the simple design of the ring sling, it could be a big question to many mothers why finding the best ring sling could be a daunting task. After all, all it does is carry a baby: or does it?

Through the years, rings slings have been gaining more and more popularity because of the advantages that mothers have been experiencing in its use. Use of the ring slings has been credited for the good attitudes and social skills of the babies who use them. Because the baby is always within reach, his basic needs are attended at once which translates to a calm, lesser crying baby. Positive signals received by the baby from the mother (even just a pat or a cooing sound) makes the baby respond positively so his social skills are developed as well.

So goes the hunt for the best ring sling. With the different ring slings available, it could be a dilemma to mothers which one would best suit her needs. Quality should be on top of mind: however, quality in today's world is defined as "what the customer says it is". That being said, what is great for one mother might not go well with another simply because each parent has his own definition of a quality as seen through her eyes. Thus to help you in your choice of the best ring sling, we have compiled a review of 5 of the most popular ring slings in the market.

Top 5 Best Baby Sling Recommendation

Top 5 Best Baby Sling 2016 Comparison Table

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling

This ring sling from Mamaway fits all and can easily be adjusted depending on mom's size. It is made of 100% premium combed cotton which allows it to be spread so that the weight of the baby in the cradle is even. Because of this, mom can have the baby in the sling for hours on end without straining her back.

The sling comes in 11 multi-lined cloth designs ranging from the cool blues and grays to the bright colors of the rainbow. The cloth is machine washable and dries fast. It has a sewed-in pocket which enables you to store it and bring it anywhere with you. The sling comes with a set of nylon rings which have been tested to ensure baby's safety.

What will make you buy this?

  • The cloth envelops the baby comfortably when setting up for the newborn position so the baby is comfortable and cries less.
  • The extra tail can be placed between the baby's legs for extra support so the baby does not slip in.
  • The sling has slightly padded rails that add support so the baby would not tumble over
  • The product just needs to be broken-in (with just a few washes) after which the cloth will already slide in easily when using the rings.
  • The product comes with a literature explaining the benefits of using the product: so you buy not because it looks good but because you know that there's something good in it for both you and your baby.
  • ·The sewed in pocket provides ease of use as it would not be lost and mom can easily fold and keep the ring slide after use.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

This sling ring encourages bonding between the baby which enhances physiological development.

​The shoulder has a fixed thin pad which enables the sling to stay in place. The sling is made of hand-loomed cotton and is safety tested. It comes in 14 colors ranging from conservative earth tones to multi-colored rainbow hues.​

This sling has 2 sizes medium and large but the medium (73 inches in l length) fits most body sizes. Some mothers would prefer the large though (79 inches) as they use the extra tail to cover themselves discreetly when breastfeeding. It can be used for newborns (at least 8 pounds) up to babies weighing 35 pounds. This carrier is perfect for kangaroo care (where baby faces mother) or tummy-to-tummy carry.

What will make you buy this?

  • As the cloth is woven, it does not stretch so the baby could not possibly slip if set up correctly.
  • As the cloth is woven, it does not stretch so the baby could not possibly slip if set up correctly.
  • The extra length of the cloth allows for many different uses as a carrier, tummy-to-tummy, hip carry.
  • There is not much strain on the body as the sling doesn't wrap around the waist.
  • The pocket carrier is a plus that moms love because it can store not only the sling but a change of diaper, wipes and keys as well.

Lite-on-Shoulder Baby Sling

This sling from Lite-on-Shoulder has a curved pouch so that baby fits comfortably into the pouch. It has lightly padded railing so that it has a better grip on the baby's legs. The shoulder is lightly padded as well so that it doesn't gather on the shoulders and thus it evenly distributes the weight of the baby on the mother's upper body, lessening the strain on her back. The cloth is made of quality silky sateen so that it poses no heating problem for baby making him comfortable while on the sling.

The carrier rings are made of cast copper-zinc alloy which makes it lightweight and it does not have a connecting point so moms won't have to worry about breakage. The cloth's tail though open-ended is double- stranded which enables easy adjustment and provides a neat appearance.

The cloth comes in 15 earthen plain and printed styles to suit each and every mom's preference.

What will make you buy this?

  • Because of its light weight, it makes it easier for moms to snuggle, nurse or rock the baby to sleep even while she works.
  • The carrier can be converted to a mini walker or a baby leash once the baby starts to work. Thus use is extended even beyond the 35 lb. weight limit of most ring slides.
  • The excellent make of the rings is the primary reason users prefer this product because it assures moms that breakages which could lead to accidents will be far from happening.

Innoo Tech Baby Sling Carrier Natural Cotton Nursing Baby Wrap

This 4.5-meter sling carrier is made of French terry which is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It uses no rings or buckles but comes with an instructional DVD showing the mother how to do the wrap. It has tapered ends so that it appears stylish. The snug fit when the baby is wrapped allows the mother to go about her chores with ease while the proximity of the baby to the mother's breast provides a comforting and deep rest for the baby.

What will make you buy this?

  • Since this is a wrap and not a sling, the weight of the baby is spread evenly on the upper part of the body so that the mother or carrier does not get tired or have sore muscles.
  • ​The stretch and softness of the cloth coupled with the baby's proximity to the mom's chest provide a comfortable environment for the baby to rest.
  • ​Since there is no autonomous load that is weighing in on the mother, she can go ahead and do her chores without not much effort.
  • The warmth both from the wrap and that of the mother would not necessitate the use of additional clothing even when out in the cold.
  • The quality of the product is almost the same as branded ones but is definitely easier on the pocket.

Haul'A Baby 4-in-1 - Baby Wrap - Ring Sling - Maternity Belt & Belly Binder

The cloth of this ring sling is a combination of spandex and cotton so that it is lightweight and may be used in all types of weather. It comes with 2 rings that may be used for different types of carries. Some mothers (or even fathers) might prefer to have this wrapped around their bodies though so that it give the wearer freedom to use both hands to do other things, even when the baby is awake.

It has only one color (gray) but since this is a neutral color, men may be able to use these with their babies as well. Some buyers though aired the need for other styles and colors as the color is too drab to be used when going out with family.

What will make you buy this?

  • The cloth used as a wrap promotes a good bonding experience between the mother and the baby.
  • ​It is so versatile that you can use it as a wrap, a carrier using the rings (in different carry styles), as a maternity belt (lessening stomach strain for pregnant mothers) and belly binder (postpartum).
  • Buyers are guided into the process with which each type of carry could be done. The instructions on the classical carry, as well as the website, is included in the info sheet that comes with the product. The QR code can be scanned for each of the other carrying styles that the user wants to try.
  • Although the cloth allows for a little stretch and thus makes it easily adjustable, it does not sag even with frequent use.

Some Final Words

We hope that the above information has given you an idea of what you may want in a ring sling when the need arises. For first time users, it could be quite tricky that you have to spend the time to be able to correctly follow the instructions to get the maximum benefits out of the sling. But thinking long term, it would be a good start for parents to develop good bonding experiences with their babies.​