Playing Fun and Safe: The Best Water Guns for Children

Water guns are fun and exciting toys for small children. Although originally intended as an interactive toy for boys, water guns have been popular with the girls as well for the adventure it brought.

Playing water guns fostered competitiveness without necessarily hurting the players in the process. We have provided below a summary of the best water guns in the market to help you choose which water guns you can get your children to enjoy playing.

Top 5 Best Water Gun 2017 Recomemendation​

Top 5 Best Water Gun Comprasion

1. Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster (by Supersoaker)

The freeze fire soaker can give children an enjoyable time as this water gun has a 23-fluid oz. tank with and an opening large enough for you to fill ice cubes.

  • Uses a pump handle that can squirt water up to 38 feet.
  • Can be used by children from two years and up.
  • Tank's opening is large enough to pour crushed ice with so toy provides a surprise chilling effect when used.
  • Dimensions: 3.3 x 7.8 x 14.1 inches; Weight: 13.6 oz.


  • Because of the tank's capacity, refilling is done less often unlike with other smaller water guns.
  • Price is reasonable so that you can get guns not only for your children but extras for their playmates as well for better bonding times.


  • Uses a pump handle so that player may not be able to have a gun for each hand.
  • Player would have to fire from an angle to achieve maximum firing distance.

2. 24 Party Pack - Blade Blaster Mini Eliminator

A great toy to perk up swimming or beach parties. Encourages team activity with its player set-up.

  • The toy requires to pull back the tube to absorb water then push the tube forward to shoot water.
  • Shoots water up to 30 ft.
  • This water gun comes in a pack of 24 pieces which is ideal for use in kids' parties.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10.6 x 8 inches; Weight 2.50 ounces.


  • The water guns' price is reasonable, and this comes in a pack of 24's so these can make great party favors, or used in swimming parties.
  • Easy to refill and launch: even small kids can operate.
  • Some customers found this useful when used by adults for paint fight and the guns held out.
  • The guns were about 12 inches, and they worked well for small children.
  • The water guns shoot far (30 feet).


  • Toy is a bit small than expected; may prove to be a choking hazard for kids three years and below.
  • Toy comes with a grease like substance (maybe placed for easy launching); may be toxic especially for kids.
  • Because of the small barrel (can hold only up to 8 oz. of water) needs frequent refilling.
  • Stickers attached to the tube come off as soon as the toys get wet.
  • Maybe because of the low price, quality is an issue: most guns crack after the first use.

3. The Original Stream Machine over 29" Long Water Gun Set (by Stream Machine)

This water gun is geared for use by children eight years and up.

  • 29” long and the toy come in pairs.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Shoots water stream of up to 70 feet.
  • Dimensions: 30.9 x 4 x 6.8 inches; Weight: 1 pound


  • The water gun is lightweight, so it can easily be operated even by a 5-year old.
  • Big enough even to be played with by adults.
  • Can stream water as far as 70 ft. so is a very fun toy when it comes to water wars.
  • Easily refillable so it ensures continuous water squirting most especially during team games.


  • Should be used as soon as the gun is filled with water as there is a tendency to leak. Putting the gun down results in the gun leaking so that you may have to refill again before using again.
  • There is one portion of the toy that must not be filled with water so that if it is filled, the water won't come out.
  • Some of the customers cannot have use of the gun after the initial use as it either breaks, gets hard to draw water, or loses its range.

4. Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster (by Supersoaker)

This water gun squirts out five times more water than the regular water gun so you have the advantage of soaking your opponent faster.

  • The gun's tank has a water capacity of 22 ounces, and with its blaster (with five holes) , it can soak your opponent faster with lesser effort.
  • The gun's cap has a tether with a ball big enough not to pass through the toy's opening so that lost cap covers would not pose a problem. The ball is tied to the cap with a plastic string.
  • Dimensions: 3 x 16.3 x 9 inches; Weight: 1.2 lbs.


  • The water gun is made of non-toxic, kid friendly materials.
  • The gun is also tested for quality and durability so that the gun be stored for future use.
  • Toy can send streams of water up to 34 feet away.
  • It has a flip-up sight that enables user to shoot straight at its target.


  • Cap has a hole so that some water squirts back and wets the user.
  • The blaster's range becomes wide as you get farther from the target so some of those who bought stunted some holes to aim at target better and wet opponent more.
  • One cannot shoot using the gun underwater because the space for air needed to move the water out fills up, so the toy does not move.

5. AQUA ZOOKA Quick Fill Water Bazooka

This bazooka style water gun has great power in it that users are warned against it being aimed at the eyes and face. It runs water fast. Users found that it is constructed well and has soft handles.

  • Easily shoots water at a distance of more than 20 feet.
  • When used in beaches, the sand more often compromises the o-ring seals of other guns but not the Aqua Zooka's.
  • User can get a good aim at a distance as far as 20 feet.


  • Made of sturdy material and can be kept and used over.
  • Some of those who bought the equipment found a use for this to drive away animals that wreak havoc in their homes (like squirrels toppling over plant pots) or get in the way of their fishing (seagulls diving for the baits).
  • May not shoot as far as 60 ft. as it claims but has a lot of power even at 20+ feet range.
  • Because of its power, the Aqua Zooka has found better uses than a toy like removing accumulated grit on cement, cleaning tubs, etc.


  • With its power and size, would be safer to be used by adults rather than children.

Water guns provide a safe and physically satisfying activity for toddlers and bigger children as well. It encourages the in the child the value of competitiveness without the possibility of injuring himself or his playmates. It is also a powerful social interaction toy that promotes alertness and agility.

Since top in mind when buying these toys are safety and enjoyability of use, the Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster (by Supersoaker) seems to have the upper hand when it comes to choosing the best water guns. Using ice on these toys maybe a plus, but it would be safest to use the ones using water that comes straight from the tap as cold water may be too harsh for toddlers.

The Blaster also gives the added fun of having to squirt water on a bigger area so you may be able to squirt water not only on one but many playmates as well. Power here is not an issue because the reason for having the water guns is just for the sheer pleasure of dousing water to your opponent and not toppling him down.