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If you’re looking for something powerful that can prepare you for even the harshest terrains, then an ATV is the way to go. ATVs are becoming increasingly popular in the past few years and they are usually bought as a birthday gift for teenagers.

With our SSR dirt bikes review, you will see exactly why they are so popular. We will talk both about the features of the most popular model and what aspects you should consider when buying in the sections below.

Things To Consider Before Buying An ATV Dirt Bike

Although quadbikes seem to be the more popular option when it comes to ATVs, dirt bikes are pretty good as well. But before you just buy the most popular model on the market, there are several things that you should consider first.

For Whom Are You Buying The Dirt Bike?

One of the most important features about ATVs is that they are available in every aspect. You can find different models that serve different purposes. There are ATVs out there that are more powerful while others are safer. But before buying, you should consider who you’re buying it for.

Most dirt bikes are available for a huge demographic area. You can find them for teens, adult, and sometimes even toddlers. Depending on who the user is going to be, you should carefully research if the model is fit for their age. If you’re buying it for the younger ones out there, consider buying an ATV with safety features.

Are They Really That Safe?

Let’s be honest here, all motorized vehicles are dangerous. But are they all equally dangerous? Absolutely not. ATVs can be one of the safer options out there when it comes to vehicles, as long as they are properly handled.
A wiser decision when taking safety in mind is to buy a quadbike. But as long as you start slowly and master a dirt bike carefully, they aren’t going to stay dangerous. There are actually several safety mechanisms found in most dirt bikes that prevent you from getting hurt.

Review Of The SSR Motorsports SR125 Dirt Bike

Whether it is that you’re buying this dirt bike for yourself or for a teenager, rest assured knowing that it will serve someone well. SSR Motorsports as a brand is not that popular because most of their business went inside China for decades. But now they have expanded globally and started selling their products in the USA.

This model from SSR comes with a 125cc engine that has four different speeds. If you’re a beginner who has no experience with ATVs, then we recommend you this motor bike. If not, you should get something more powerful instead. It works great with teenagers and even adults tend to use it.


  • check
    Both teenagers and adults can use it which makes it compatible with the entire family
  • check
    Performance of the engine can be tiered with even some of the more expensive models
  • check
    Great option if you’re just starting out


  • exclamation-triangle
    Initially, it may work perfectly, but the performance degrades over time
  • exclamation-triangle
    The dirt bike is not as stable on rough terrains as it should be
  • exclamation-triangle
    It would be better if it had larger and better wheels

Features And Benefits

When buying a product, you should always check what features and benefits they offer. This goes especially for something as expensive as an ATV dirt bike. Although the SSR Motorsports SR125 isn’t extremely rich in the number of features it has, its performance is still great.

Powerful Engine That Can Serve Anyone

When you’re buying an ATV, the most important feature about them is their engine. Their engine should not only be powerful but should last for a long time. In order to get the best out of a dirt bike, we recommend you to get a model with a new engine that is known to last. So, the question comes, can the SSR model fit into these requirements?

You can find an engine like that in this model by SSR Motorsports. Although it is only a 125cc engine, it does way more than it should. Generally, an engine like that should only be capable of serving teenagers. But from what we have seen from other sources, adults that weigh 200 pounds even tend to ride it.

Hydraulic Conventional Forks

The power of an engine or how long it will run for isn’t the only thing important in dirt bikes. Maneuverability and control are important as well. The most effective way to achieve the most out of a bike is to have large and high-quality wheels. But apart from the wheels, there is something else that should control them and secure them in place.

With a good hydraulic conventional fork system, you won’t have to worry about losing control. These forks hold onto the wheels pretty steadily and they help you achieve more control at high speeds. If you want to get the most out of an ATV dirt bike, then focus on other aspects such as the hydraulic systems as well.

Stable For Even The More Rougher Terrains

Apart from power and control, stability should also be one of your main concerns. Since this dirt bike is labeled as an ATV, you should expect it to be used in almost any terrain possible. But is that the case with the SSR Motorsports SR125?

Although you won’t expect yourself to ride the bike at extreme speeds on rough terrains and still maintain good control, it still handles itself. This motor bike does a pretty good job at harsh terrains and you can expect it to maintain its stability. If you decide to buy this model. we recommend you to start slowly if you have no previous experience

What Other People Think

Relying on the information and description given out by the company of a product won’t be enough. If you really want to safely invest your money into something that is of high-quality, then we recommend you to check other sources and opinions.

In order to save you the time, we have already researched various ATV forums on the internet that deal with such products. When people with years of experience talked about the SSR Motorsports model, the first word that came to mind was longevity.

Many people praised it for its powerful motor and how it served even adults. The only that people disliked was how small the wheels were. They were the appropriate size for the average usage, but you couldn’t use the bike at rougher terrains at high speeds without losing stability.


Hopefully, you have seen the real potential of this SSR dirt bike with the help of our SSR dirt bikes review. But if it doesn’t fit your needs, then don’t worry as there are other great alternatives out there. In the section below, we will shortly describe some of the best secondary options for ATV dirt bikes.

Apollo AGB-36

If you’re looking for an alternative for the SSR dirt bike, then this Apollo AGB-36 is a great choice. This dirt bike is way more powerful with a 250cc engine. But just like in the SSR dirt bike, this engine is also a 4-stroke one. It features 5 different speeds in total.

Another difference is that the wheels are a bit larger in order to accommodate the more powerful engine. The quality of the wheels is also way better, which allows the bike to do better in rough terrains. If you’re looking for a more powerful dirt bike for someone older, then we recommend you the Apollo AGB-36.

Taotao DB17

Another great option is the TaoTao DB17, which features an engine similar to the original SSR model. The DB17 also features a 125cc engine, but as far as its efficiency goes, we don’t know if it can be used by adults.

Most people reported that it was a great bike for the money and that their sons loved it. It is more targeted for children and there aren’t any adults saying they have used it. If you’re buying a dirt bike for your own son or someone else as a birthday present, then we recommend you the TaoTao DB17.

Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike

This dirt bike from Monster Moto is also targeted for the far younger population. It comes with an 80cc 2.5HP engine, which is the least powerful engine in this list. It may not be fast or as stable on some of the far worse terrains, but it will do the job on most off-road areas.

The bike is made in the USA and is one of the most popular choices on the market. If you’re looking to buy something made for younger children, then we recommend you this dirt bike.


Although quad bikes have been far more popular, ATV dirt bikes are also becoming popular in the recent years. If you want to experience nature, you can now go off-road with some of the best ATV dirt bikes on the market. With the help of our SSR dirt bikes review, you have seen just how efficient and safe they can be.

The SR125 model that we have reviewed will certainly suit your needs. People really enjoyed how stable it was and how it took no effort to learn how to drive it. Another major part of it that people enjoyed was that it could be used both by adults and teenagers. If you’re looking for something with a powerful engine that will last long, then we recommend you the SR125.

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