Some ways to prevent and object obesity in children

According to new perspectives at present, the prevention of overweight and obesity to be linked with the comprehensive care to the whole lifecycle. Earlier beliefs that children will diminish when large and entirely eliminate overweight status into adulthood. But the existing research data shows, the rate increased markedly BP in the case of obesity since childhood into adulthood, even obesity in these cases are serious health effects more significant cases of obesity begins in adulthood.

Children BP period increased the number of fat cells, while obesity starts at maturity appear only increase the volume and the volume of fat cells, fat cells also number remains the same, so the thing treatment of obesity in adults BP from childhood a lot harder than people started obese since grown: the likelihood of success in treating BP inversely proportional to the number of years of BP. Therefore, the scientific evidence has shown that today time to prevent BP and non-communicable chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease… should start early and should continue throughout the next phase under the whole lifecycle.


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Period before pregnancy

If you can take care of this point, this is an important stage to ensure women before pregnancy body mass index (BMI), normal (between 18 , 5 to 25 kg / m2) and micronutrient status to normal (e.g., a woman should be treated from anemia, have enough dietary foliate and balance of nature, used the food micronutrient supplementation). In tracking pregnancy weight gain of pregnancy is very important to reduce the risk of producing a child with low birth weight (<2.5 kg) or vice versa too high birth weight (> 4 kg). By both low births weight or high related increased risk of BP later.

It is thought that an imbalance in the mother’s diet during pregnancy will make up the surplus fat in infants. On the other hand, many studies have proven, children 3-9 years of age are stunted from malnutrition would be at risk of overweight, obesity 2-8 times higher than non-stunted children. The cause may be due to chronic malnutrition with low lean mass, basic metabolic and physical activity decreased, while an adequate supply of energy, fat will accumulate rapidly. While the mechanism of lack or excess issues of nutrition during pregnancy leads to adversely affect obese children future health is being clarified, the main message is that we should change the things being for that good nutrition during the neonatal period, instead of just focusing on weight gain for children as before, we need to pay attention to ensure a reasonable growth rate and the growth rate and weight balance length / height.


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To prevent obesity in infants and young children:

Mothers need to create all conditions to be able to breastfeed breastfed during the first 6 months (this is the form of the most perfect child), avoid giving added sugar or flour on the child’s formula. Infants fed formula milk powder are at risk of overweight – obesity is higher than breastfeeding, because breastfeeding milk will flow faster from the average breast milk from gourd, bottle of easy provided that excess energy; and some sort of formula with protein and high salt, osmotic pressure increases, causing thirst, stimulates more breastfeed. As for complementary feeding mother should accept the child’s ability to eat as recommended energy needs by age rather than making children eat only until the new rate; and to ensure the proper amount of dietary micronutrients necessary for optimal child development.
Obesity prevention for older children and adolescents: it is important for this age group is to encourage children with an active lifestyle, limited time watching television, playing video games or wake too late. Studies have shown that children stay up late after 11pm disrupt metabolic enzyme activity of fat easily leads to dyslipidemia. Need to increase physical activity with the type and level appropriate for each age group (such as aerobics, walking, running, swimming …).
Eating, to ensure the nutritional needs recommendations for children to develop normally; encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits. Restricting the use of energy-rich foods, micronutrient poor and sugary drinks. It is important for growth monitoring your weight, height for children of all ages. Thus, parents will detect early malnutrition or TC-BP to timely tackle.


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Besides, the need to change the environment for children by promoting physical activity in schools and communities; creating more opportunities for communication in the family (e.g., facilitating the organization of family meals, but must note exemplified reasonable diet for children!), limited opportunities for children to eat foods high-energy fast but poor in micronutrients, providing information and skills necessary to help them more and know how to better food choices.
In short, above is some way to prevent obesity in the whole lifecycle. I hope with this article, parents will have more knowledge about prevent obesity in children to help them have a better life.

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